There are two main concerns about the outcome of Radical Prostatectomy. These are:

1. Erectile disfunction.

which is when a man is unable to get an erection (Impotence). This occurs because the nerves to the penis run very close to the side of the prostate in the posterior lateral position.

These nerves are microscopic, and are not actually seen during the procedure. They are bundled together with some arteries and veins to form a structure called the neuro-vascular bundle. To preserve a man's erections, it is essential to preserve these nerves.

This is achieved by separating the neuro-vascular bundle from the prostate in a technique called bilateral nerve sparing.

Despite this, the nerve are affect by the surgery, and it may take many months or years for the man to get his erections back.

2. Urinary continence or control.

Immediately after the surgery, many men need to use pads for a time because of urinary leakage called incontinence. Nevertheless, most men regain full urinary control after a period of weeks to months.